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New Books (as of October 2016)



Landscape architecture documentation standards : principles, guidelines, and best practices


SB475.9.S72 L263 2016


Mass-customized cities


NA9050 .M414 2015


Open source architecture


NA689.O64 R237 2015


Concrete: pure, strong, surprising


NA4125 .U23 2015


Smart cities : a spatialised intelligence


HT166 .P598 2015


The handbook of interior design


NA2850 .H236 2015


Metal clay jewellery


TT212 .C716 2015


Building Berlin : the latest architecture in and out of the capital


NA1085 .B932 2014 v.3


Sustainable fashion and textiles : design journeys


TT507 .F613 2014


The codes guidebook for interiors


KF5701 .H288 2014


Fashion pattern cutting: line, shape and volume


TT520 .Z23 2014


Woven textiles: a designer's guide


TS1490 .K24 2014


The complete photo guide to making metal jewelry


TT212 .S249 2013


Residential retrofit : 20 case studies


TH3401 .B139 2013




DP Design: Designing Spaces

DP Design

NK 2081 .S554L732 2015


Residential Design, Drafting and Detailing, 2nd Ed

Jefferis, Alan

NA 2708 .J45 2014


Urban Sketching: the Complete Guide to Techniques

Thorspecken, Thomas

NC 730 T522 2014


SketchUp for Interior Design: 3D Visualizing, Designing and Space Planning

Cline, Lydia Sloan

NK 2114 .C641 2014


Materials for Design 2

Bell, Victoria Ballard

NA 4100 .B435 2014


Wood Houses: Innovation and Design

Krauel, Jacobo

NA 7173 .K91 2014


Chalets: Trendsetting Mountain Treasures = Des Demeures Tres Tendance a La Montague

Galindo, Michelle

NA 7580 .G158 2014


An Introduction to Information Design

Coates, Kathryn

NC 997 C652 2014


Designing Interiors, 2nd Ed.

Kilmer, Rosemary

NK 2110 K48 2014


Design for the Third Age: Architecture Redefined for a Generation of "Active Agers"

Farrelly, Lorraine (Editor)

NA 687 .D457 2014


Malls & Department Store

Uffelen, Chris Van

NA 6218 .U23 2014


Detail in Contemporary Office Design

Plunkett, Drew.

NK 2195 O4P737 2014


101 Hotel Lobbies, Bars & Restaurants

Kretschmar-Joehnk, Corinna

NA 7800 .K92 2014


Unconventional Hotels

Kottas, Domitris

NA 7800 .K87 2014


Innovative Exhibition Spaces

Broto, Carles

NA 680 .B874 2014


Ephemeral: Exhibitions, Advertising, Events, Shows

Minguet, Joseph Maria (Editor of Compilation)

NA 8480 .E63 2014


Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as Healing Art, 3rd Edition

Day, Christopher 1942

NA 2542.4 .D273 2014


The Architecture of Wellbeing

NA 7820 .K91 2014


Gardner's art through the ages: a concise history of Western art 

Gardner, Helen

N 5300 .G227c 2014


Gardner's art through the ages: the Western perspective

Gardner, Helen

N 5300 .G227w 2014


The Power of Art, 3rd Ed.(International Ed.)

Lewis, Richard L.

N 5300 .L675 2014


After Constructivism

Taylor, Brandon

N 6494 .C94T238 2014


A critical history of contemporary architecture: 1960-2010

NA 680 .C934 2014


Extreme Minimalism: Architecture

Uffelen, Chris Van

NA 682 .M55U23 2014


Designing for the Third Age: Architecture Redefined for a Generation of "Active Agers"

NA 687 .D457 2014


Furniture for Interior Design

Booth, Sam

NK 2542 B725 2014


Sustainability, energy and architecture: case studies in realizing green buildings

Sayigh, A. A. M

NA 2542.36 .S274 2014


Professional practice for interior designers, 5th Ed.

Piotrowski, Christine M

NK 2116.2 .P662 2014


Basic perspective drawing : a visual approach

Montague, John

NC750 .M759 2013


Print & Pattern Kids

Style, Bowie

NK 1570 .S938 2013


The Contradiction between Form and Function in Architecture

Hendrix, John

NA 2500 .H498 2013


The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory, Paperback Ed.

NA 2500 .S129 2013


Ornament : the politics of architecture and subjectivity

Picon, Antoine

NA 3320 .P598 2013


Designing Interior Architecture: Concept, Typology, Material, Construction 

NA 2850 .D457 2013


Designed for Habitat : collaborations with Habitat for Humanity

Hinson, David

NA 2543 .S6H665 2013


Architecturalized Asia: Mapping a Continent through History

Rujivacharakul, Vimalin, 1972[Editor}

NA 1460 A673 2013


The Urban Design Handbook, 2nd Ed.

NA 9105 .U72 2013


Rethinking Aesthetics : The Role of Body in Design

Bhatt, Ritu (Editor of Compilation)

NK 1110 .R438 2013


Designing with black : architecture & interiors

Crafti, Stephen.

NK2115.5.C6 C885 2013


Materials Strategies in Digital Fabrication

Beorkrem, Christopher

NA 4100 .B481 2013


Bungalow : architecture + design

Galindo, Michelle

NA 7571 .G158 2013


Renaissance Architecture

Anderson, Christy

NA 510 .A545 2013


Exploring the elements of design, 3rd Ed, International Ed.

Evans, Poppy

NC 997 E92 2013


The Bathroom : Book 2

Serrats, Marta

NK 2117 .B33S487 2013



Uffelen, Chris van

NA 6230 .U23 2013


Bath & spa

Kramer, Sibylle,

NA 7010 .K89 2013


Hotel design : planning and development

NA 7800 .P413 2013


The Guidelines on Resort Design

Yu, Ariel [Editor}

NA 7820 .G946 2013


Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design

Plunkett, Drew.

NK 2195 .H6P737 2013


Detail in contemporary bar and restaurant design

Plunkett, Drew.

NK2195.R4 P737 2013


University Architecture

NA 6600 .U58 2013


Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities 2nd Edition

Neuman, David J.

NA 6600 .N489 2013


Gardner's art through the ages : a global history : volume 1

Gardner, Helen, d.

N 5300 .G227 2013


Gardner's art through the ages : a global history : volume 2

Gardner, Helen.

N 5300 .G227 2013


How to Read Contemporary  Art

Wilson, Michael

N 6490 .W751 2013


Contemporary Art: The Essential Guide to 200 Groundbreaking Artist

Bonham Carter, Charlotte

N 7438 .B714 2013


The anglicized and illustrated dictionary of interior design

Rabun, Josette H.

NK1165 .R117 2013


Leger: Modern Art and the Metropolis

N 6853 .L35L433 2013


Furniture by Architects

Fatih, Driss (Editor)

NK 2702 .F989 2013


A History of Interior Design, 4th Edition

Pile, John F.

NK 1710 .P637 2013


Foundation of Interior Design

Slotkis, Susan

NK 1710 .S634 2013


Masterpieces of Modern Design: Date, 1900-Today

McDermott, Catherine

NK 1390 .M134 2013


An introduction to design and culture : 1900 to the present

Sparke, Penny

NK1390 .S736 2013


Istilo : pocket guide to architecture styles in the Philippines

NA 1527 .I87 2013


The Architectural legacy of Pablo S. Antonio

NA 1529 .A57A673 2013


Design for Climate Change

Gething. Bill

NA 2541 .G394 2013


The greening of architecture : a critical history and survey of contemporary sustainable architecture and urban design

Tabb, Phillip.

NA2542.36 .T112 2013


Furniture Design: an Introduction to Development, Materials and Manufacturing

Lawson, Stuart

NK 2260 L425 2013


How to draw nearly everything

Pe rard, Victor Semon,

NC 730 .P426 2012


Drafting and visual presentation for interior designers

Cline, Lydia Sloan

NK2113.5 .C641 2012


Design graphics : drawing techniques for design professionals

Koenig, Peter A.

NK2113.5 .K78 2012


Interior design visual presentation : a guide to graphics, models, and presentation techniques

Mitton, Maureen

NK2113.5 .M685 2012


English decoration : timeless inspiration for the contemporary home

Pentreath, Ben

NK2043 .P419 2012


The fundamentals of architecture

Farrelly, Lorraine

NA 2500 .F245 2012


Human experience and place : sustaining identity

NA 2542.4 .H918 2012


The cultural role of architecture : contemporary and historical perspectives

NA 2543 .S6C968 2012


Architecture and design versus consumerism : how design activism confronts growth

Thorpe, Ann.

NK1397 .T518 2012


Color : [the complete guide for your home]

Better Homes and Gardens Books (Firm)

NK2115.5.C6 C719 2012


Concrete ideas : material to shape a city

NA 4125 .C744 2012


Concrete : architecture & design

Roth, Manuela.

NA 4125 .R845 2012


Designer houses /

NA 7126 .D457 2012


Residential architecture for senior citizens

Uffelen, Chris van.

NA 7195 .A4U23 2012


Passive houses : energy efficient homes

NA 7117.3 .P288 2012


The elements of style: an encyclopedia of domestic architectural detail

NA 2850 .E38 2012


Interior designer's portable handbook: first-step rules of thumb for the design of…

Guthrie, Pat

NK2115 .G984 2012


Better homes and gardens studio spaces : projects, inspiration & ideas for your creative place

Better homes and gardens.

NK2115 .B565 2012


Designing for accessibility

Grant, Alison,

NA 2545 .P5G761 2012


Universal design : creating inclusive environments

Steinfeld, Edward.

NA 2547 .S822 2012


Design for aging : international case studies of building and program

NA 2545 .A3D457 2012


Resort design

Galindo, Michelle

NA 7820 .G158 2012


Coffee time : contemporary cafes

Galindo, Michelle

NK2195.R4 G158 2012


Live architecture : and arenas for popular music

Kronenburg, Robert

NA 6821 .K93 2012


Illustrated dictionary of architecture

Burden, Ernest E.

NA 31 .B949 2012


London (re)generation

Littlefield, David.

NA 970 .L847 2012


Retro furniture classics

Sweet, Fay

NK2270 .S974 2012


Design after modernism : furniture and interiors, 1970-2010

Gura, Judith.

NK1390 .G978 2012


Building systems : design, technology, and society

Moe, Kiel

NA 2543 .T43M693 2012


Nordic Light: Modern Scandinavian Architecture

Plummer, Henry

NA 2794 .P735 2012


Weather architecture

Hill, Jonathan

NA 2541 .H646 2012


Greening Asia : emerging principles for sustainable architecture

Kishnani, Nirmal

NA 2542.36 .K61 2012


1000 tips by 100 eco architects

NA 2542.36 .O58 2012


From trash to treasure : don't throw stuff out-- fix it, give it a makeover, or sell it and make money

Miller, Judith.

NK1133.28 .M648 2012


Sustainability in interior design

Moxon, Sian

NK2113 .M937 2012


Beyond the bahay kubo : 16 climate-conscious tropical homes by Manosa

Caruncho, Eric S.

NK2081.A1 C329 2012


Becoming a green building professional

Henderson, Holley, 1971-

NA 2542.36 .H496 2012


Design portfolios : moving from traditional to digital

Bender, Diane M.

NA 1996 .B458 2012


Design innovation for the built environment: research by design and the renovation of practice

Hensel, Michael U.

NA 2000 .D457 2012


Design research : investigation for successful creative solutions

Leonard, Neil

NC1000 .L581 2012


Sketching : the basics

Eissen, Koos

NC730 .E36 2011


Drawing inspiration : visual artists at work

Fleishman, Michael

NC 730 .F596 2011


Sketching and drawing : simple drills and skills for beginners

Pagett, Matt

NC730 .P135 2011


Sketching interiors : from traditional to digital

Ding, Suining

NK 2113.5 D584 2011


Spanish interior design

Galindo, Michelle

NK 2062 .G158 2011


100 ideas that changed architecture

Weston, Richard, 1953-

NA 200 .W536 2011


Gute Gestaltung 11 = Good design 11

Deutscher Designer Club

NK 1450 A1G983 2011


Design by nature : interaction between nature and design/architecture in Norway

Bengtsson, Staffan

NK1460.A1 B466 2011



Hall, Andrew

NC997 .H174 2011


Material revolution : sustainable multi-purpose materials for design and architecture

Peters, Sascha

NA 2542.36 P483 2011


Low price houses

Uffelen, Chris van

NA7110 .U23 2011


Residential design studio

Gordon, Robert Philip

NA 7115 .G664 2011


Floor plan manual, housing

NA 7126 .F631 2011


Glass houses : inspirational homes and features in glass

Slessor, Catherine

NA 7186 .S632 2011


Residential interior design : a guide to planning spaces

Mitton, Maureen

NA 2850 .M685 2011


Residential eco houses

NA7117.5 .R433 2011


Japanese interior design

Galindo, Michelle

NK 2084 .A1G158 2011


Atlas of world interior design

Braun, Markus Sebastian

NK 1990 A881 2011


Contemporary museums : architecture, history, collections

Uffelen, Chris van

NA 6690 .U23 2011


Exhibition design

Locker, Pam

N 4395 L815 2011


Design details for health : making the most of design's healing potential

Leibrock, Cynthia

NK 2195 H43L525 2011


50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know

Hodge, Susie

N 5300 .H688 2011


New olds : design between tradition and innovation

Albus, Volker

N 6490 N532 2011


Pre-Raphaelite drawing

Cruise, Colin

NC 228 .C955 2011


Modern world architecture

Glancey, Jonathan

NA 680 .G545 2011


Illustrated history of furniture

Litchfield, Frederick, 1850

NK 2270 L776 2011


Architecture of Kris Yao = Yao Renxi jian zhu shi

Yao, Kris, 1951-

NA 1549.83 .Y36A673 2011


The architecture of light : recent approaches to designing with natural light

Steane, Mary Ann

NA 2794 .S799 2011


Ecoarchitecture : the work of Ken Yeang

Hart, Sara.; Littlefield, David

NA 1525.8 Y4H326 2011


Urban green: architecture for the future

Chambers, Neil B

NA 2542.35 .C445 2011


Workmanship: working philosophy and design practice

Weiss, Klaus-Dieter

NA 680 .W431 2011


The essential guide to business for artists and designers: an enterprise manual for visual artists 

Branagan, Alison

N8350 .B816 2011