Payment Channels

Listed below are the various payment channels available to the clients of the University.


Mapúa has the following Internet-based transaction and payment channels:

  1. Land Bank and PayMaya via the myMapúa Student Portal

    Upon logging into your myMapua account, simply go to the Bills & Payment page. Click on the items you wish to settle, finalize, and click on PayMaya or Landbank ePayment Portal. You will then be brought either to the PayMaya or Landbank pages. Follow the instructions on their page. This is also available via the Parent Portal.

    View the step-by-step guidelines for Land Bank and PayMaya payments.

    Access MyMapúa here. Access Parent Portal here.

  2. Electronic Fund Transfer

    Choose the option to pay for your tuition and other school-related fees using your bank account through online/mobile banking facility.

    If you don't have an online bank account yet, click here to set up an account.

    If you have an existing online bank account, click here for the step-by-step instructions for online funds transfer.

  3. Mapúa Online Application Portal

    This allows new/incoming students to process payments for their entrance exam and reservation fees online. Students may pay using PayMaya and Landbank ePayment Portal.

    Access Online Application Portal here.


In the event that clients are unable to access the Internet, the following off-site payment channels are available:

  1. Over-The-Counter at RCBC – Clients need to fill out the banks' Bills Payment/Deposit Slip in duplicate. A convenience fee of P15.00 will be charged by the bank. Transactions are reflected on Mapúa's system within 2-3 business days. Should there be a need to update the account immediately, kindly scan and email the validated deposit slip to the Treasury at
  2. Note: To view details for Payment Procedures, click here.

  3. RCBC Automated Teller Machines – RCBC Automated Teller Machines can be used to settle matriculation fees. A convenience fee of P5.00 will be charged by the bank. Please scan and email the transaction slip to the Treasury at
  4. Note: To view details for Payment Procedures, click here.

  5. Cebuana Lhuillier – Clients can make cash payments of matriculation fees at any Cebuana Lhuillier center. Cebuana Lhuillier will accept only cash payments and will charge a convenience fee of Php15.00 per transaction regardless of amount. Transaction details will be reflected in Mapúa system the next business day.
  6. Note: To view details for Payment Procedures, click here.

  7. Telemoney – Clients abroad can remit their payments to Mapúa through RCBC Telemoney centers. To ensure timely posting of transactions, it is recommended that clients email the transaction details to the Treasury at
  8. Note: To view details for Payment Procedures, click here.

To verify if payments have been posted, log in to myMapúa and check the Bills & Payment page. Contact the Treasury immediately if your transactions are not reflected in your account.

ON-CAMPUS PAYMENTS (Available when MECQ has been lifted)

Clients can transact at the Treasury and settle their balances through the following:

  1. Cash – Payments can be in peso or US dollar. Note that dollar denominations are converted using the exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction.

  2. Check – Payments must be made payable to Mapúa Institute of Technology, and the date must be set on the date when the payment is made. The cashiers accept personal or manager’s check.

  3. Credit/Debit Card – Clients may use either their credit or debit card to settle their account balances.


Affordable Tuition fee installment plans are made available through BUKAS. A company specializing in student loans, it provides an alternative payment plan that can cover up to 100% of tuition, payable in 12 months. This is offered to all incoming, current college or post-graduate students of Mapua.

Learn more about Bukas Installment Plans for Mapúa Students.


To send the Promissory Note, you can do one of the following:

  • Print, sign, scan, and email a copy to
  • Convert word file into a fillable PDF form and email a copy to
  • Sign a handwritten Promisory Note, take a photo of it, and email it to
  • Note: The promissory note must be submitted together with the scanned copy of the Student ID and any government-issued ID with signature of the parents or guardians. The payment date indicated in the promissory note should be within the 4th Quarter period.

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