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The library had its humble beginning in the year 1925 when the Institute was founded. The library then was one room affair and it catered to the few pioneer students and faculty members, who at that time required relatively simplistic needs.

In 1965, the Mapúa Library is housed in three places: 1) the Main Library on the fifth floor of Building E in Avenida Rizal, 2) the Intramuros Branch Library on the fourth floor of the Administration Building in Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila, and 3) the High School Library in Doroteo Jose St., Sta. Cruz, Manila.

At present, The Mapúa Institute of Technology Library comprises the Main Library and two branches, namely, Architecture Library and Mapúa - Makati. Mapúa officials, non-teaching staff, faculty members, students, alumni, and outside researchers with referral letters may use the libraries.

Mapúa Main Library and one of its branches are housed in Intramuros Manila, the other branch is in Makati which operation started in 2001; 1) the Main Library is located at the second floor, West Building 2) the Architecture Library at the fourth floor, South Building and 3) Mapúa-Makati, Library at the third floor, West-Wing of the School Building in Makati.

The main library and its branches, fully air-conditioned, monument the Institute's desire to give students and faculty the best in library facilities. Each of the three libraries carries materials suited to the courses offered namely, Architecture, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mining, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

To fulfill the instructional and research needs of the faculty and students, the library maintains adequate volumes of books, highly paid and free subscriptions, complemented with vertical file materials, collection of maps, non print and digital materials, undergraduate/graduate theses collection and other pertinent materials that support the curricula of the school.


Vision. Mapúa Library envisions itself as one of the country’s leading libraries in the academic realm. Guided by the goals and objectives of the Institution, it affirms itself to be the Resource Center of Excellence in information, especially in the field of Science and Technology.

Mission. Mapúa Library exists in support of the teaching, research and extension function of the Institution. It shall serve the needs of the academic community, specifically students and faculty members, by assuring equitable access to high quality information resources and services.


  • To procure, organize and provide a well-balanced collection to complement the academic programs of the Institute.
  • To provide and maintain appropriate facilities and equipment that shall enable users to utilize fully the library’s resources.
  • To produce skilled researchers by providing timely and instant access to various format of information in any part of the country and of the world.
  • To create an environment that encourages learning through quality library services.
  • To provide competitive staff to be able to guide students and other researchers towards lifelong learning.

Organizational Functions

The Library of Mapúa Institute of Technology is divided into three major service functions- the Technical Services, the Public Services and the Electronic Resources & Information Services. It has also two branches namely: Architecture Library and Makati Library.

Technical Services

This service area is concerned with the acquisition, organization (classification, cataloging, etc.), preparation and preservation of materials. It consists of two sections: the acquisition section and the cataloging section, organization and maintenance section. Area is open from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Reader Services

The Reader Services Division manages activities and operations related to providing information access to all students, faculty members, non-teaching personnel, and alumni students. The Division is composed of the following sections: 1) Circulation Section; 2) Filipiniana Section; 3) Periodical Section; 4) Special Collections; and the branches: 6) Architecture Library; and 7) Graduate Studies Library.

Specific functions are:

1. Information Services
2. Charging and Discharging of Books
3. Book Renewals
4. Course Reserves
5. Lending of Print Journals and Theses
6. Inter-Library Loan
7. Shelf Management
8. Patron Notifications (overdue, penalties, etc.)
9. Guide on the use of information resources(Web OPAC, Electronic Journals)
10. Document Delivery
11. Provide use and access to facilities (such as the Discussion Rooms, Self Service Stations, etc.)

Electronic Resources and Information Services

ERIS is composed of the following units:

Internet. This section supports the speedy exchange of information and the instructional/research needs, of the academic community through e-mail, social networks and other tools found in the www that support dissemination of information.

Multimedia. This section provides access to production-based IT (e.g. word processing) and information-based IT, which consists of DVD, CD-ROM files, VHS tapes, slides, etc. Value added services are also integrated in ERIS such as downloading, scanning and printing research outputs.

Reference & Special Collection. This section contains materials that provide quick and direct information (e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, handbooks, etc.). It contains feasibility studies, Mapúa archives (lectures, examination papers, profiles of the past and present presidents, etc.) and books written by Filipino authors and/or about the Philippine society, people, culture, etc.

The ERIS sections are located at the 2nd Floor of SW bldg. Library service is from 7:00AM – 6:00PM (Monday-Saturday).

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