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Guidelines for Library Users Participating in Limited Face-to-Face Classes

Mapua Library Intramuros accepts a limited number of users for its reading areas this 3rd quarter of AY 2021-2022, weeks 4, 6, and 9. The library shall strictly implement a reservation-based access to the library spaces and resources and must follow the below reminders:

  1. All visitors must register at prior to entry into the Main Library. Periodicals and branch libraries are closed.
  2. Show a copy of the response made to the security officer in the Library entrance.
  3. Library visitors shall sanitize their hands before entering the library.
  4. Access to reading areas are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Thursday.
  5. Students, faculty, and staff shall use the tapping machine upon entry and exit in the library premises to monitor the duration of stay for each visitor.
  6. Mapua Library will stop accepting reservations once it has reached the maximum number of allowed seating capacity (as recommended by IATF).
  7. Mapuans must adhere to safety protocols during their stay in the Library.

Seat and Space Arrangement:

  1. Physical distancing of 1-meter shall strictly be observed inside the library. Please note the number of individuals to occupy library space and seats:

    1.1 Long table – maximum of 4 persons
    1.2 Short table – 1 person
    1.3 Couch – 1 person
    1.4 Carrels – 1 seat apart
    1.5 Modular seats – 1 seat apart
  2. Air conditioning shall be regulated. Windows and doors will be opened to ensure proper air circulation.
  3. Reading area of General Circulation and Reference Section shall be opened for use. Other portions of the library will be closed to users, i.e. Discussion rooms, stacks area, periodicals, and Architecture library.
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