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Bring the real world into the classroom with AccessEngineering

Bring the real world into the classroom with AccessEngineering's ever-expanding collection of problem-solving videos.

Created exclusively for AccessEngineering by top engineering faculty from around the United States, these instructional, white-boarded videos take students step-by-step through a real-life engineering problem and demonstrate how to use professional reference content, reinforcing key engineering concepts all along the way. Each video has a unique URL, making it easy for linking to your learning management system or e-syllabus. The videos are also embedded in their respective book chapter pages, and are therefore always viewed within the larger context of the material to which they relate. 334 videos are currently sprinkled throughout AccessEngineering, with an additional 120+ videos planned to go live by the end of this year. Go ahead and link an AccessEngineering video to your engineering department's webpage!

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