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Featured Materials in Generel Reference Section for October 2013


Title: Scientific thesis writing and paper presentation
Author: N. Gurumani
“Scientific writing and communication needs to take care of a wide range of audience, from students and researchers to experts. This book provides information on how to write research reports and to prepare for poster and oral presentation.”

Title: The indoor environment handbook: how to make buildings healthy and comfortable
Author: Philomena M. Bluyssen
“The book is a nouvelle interpretation of the consolidated knowledge and best practices. It captures the essence of the challenge faced in managing buildings: understanding the ways people perceive and react to the space they live and work in.”

Title: Fire inspection and code enforcement, 7th ed.
Author: Lynne Murnane
“Fire inspection and code enforcement manual is written to assist fire and emergency services personnel in meeting the Fire Inspector job performance requirements (JPRs) of National Fire Protection Association.”

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