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Architecture Library Featured Books for October 2013 Green design : from theory to practice
Author: Yeang, Ken
Call No. : TH880 .G798 2011
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: The awareness of the environmental and ecological impact of architectural practice has never been as significant as it is today, with issues surrounding sustainability, environmental responsibility and the use of natural resources becoming unavoidable. Rotoscoping : techniques and tools for the aspiring artist
Author: Bratt, Benjamin
Call No. : TR897.7 .B824 2011
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: Master what it takes to make your rotoscoping and digital painting blend seamlessly into each shot. Through illustrious four color presentation, the book features step-by-step instruction on the artistic techniques of rotoscoping and digital painting with lessons on: *Articulate mattes *Digital paint in moving footage *Motion tracking *Advanced rotoscoping and digital paint techniques, and much more It also features practical insight on the subject and industry, delving into: *The history and evolution of rotoscoping and the role of the rotoscoper *A typical day in the life of a rotoscoper *How to get a job as a rotoscoper *4-color presentation full of roto tips and techniques will have you performing like a seasoned pro in hours *Application-agnostic technical insight allows the reader to implement lessons learned regardless of software being used *Accompanying CD and companion website provides project files and sequences on which the reader can implement the techniques they learned in the book, as well as other bonus materials.

aTitle: Autodesk Revit architecture 2012 essentials : Autodesk official training guide
Author: Read, Phil, 1965-
Call No. : NA2728 .R284 2011
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: "Revit Essentials is a unique learning resource that features concise, straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on exercises and tutorials to teach new users the software score features and functions. Each chapter opens with a quick discussion of concepts and learning goals and then briskly moves into an approachable hands-on exercise that readers can follow to gain confidence using the software. Each chapter features compelling full-color screenshots to illustrate tutorial steps, and chapters conclude with a related and more open-ended project to further reinforce the chapters lessons. Readers can download starting and ending files for the exercises and additional learning tutorials so that they can start anywhere in the book and compare their results with the pro s. Revit Essentials first introduces users to the software s interface and Buidling Information Modeling (BIM) foundational concepts. Following a workflow-based approach that mirrors how projects progress in the real world, the book then guides readers through creating a floor plan, adding and modifying content, creating families, working with curtain walls, advanced modeling and massing capabilities, organizing with groups, using views and phases, annotating and documenting effectively, scheduling, workflow considerations, and tips and tricks drawn from the author s extensive experience. The hands-on exercises in Revit Essentials will get all users up to speed on the programs core functionality so they can quickly become productive with the software. The full-color book also features dataset downloads so readers can jump in anywhere as well as compare their work to the pros." Drawing inspiration : visual artists at work
Author: Fleishman, Michael, 1951-
Call No. : NC730 .F596 2011
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: Drawing Inspiration is a one of a kind text for beginning illustrators. This book examines the relationship between academic and professional illustration through the ideas and first hand experiences of professional illustrators working in the field today. With hundreds of diverse hand-rendered and digital images, readers can explore a world of illustration that has no limits. While learning the fundamentals and basic principles of illustration, readers will also gain insight on how these concepts can be used in the professional world. Drawing Inspiration will not only educate readers, but it will also inspire them to reach their full artistic potential. - Publisher..

aTitle: Digital Collage and Painting : Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Fine Art
Author: Bloom, Susan Ruddick.
Call No. : N7433.8 .B655 2011
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: Suitable for those who know their way around Photoshop and Painter and want to use these amazing programs to take their skills further, this book takes you on a journey of the imagination and shows you how to create incredible works of fine art. It helps to learn how to create watercolors, black and white pencil sketches, and texture collages. Structural packaging : design your own boxes and 3-D forms
Author: Jackson, Paul, 1956-
Call No. : TS195.4 .J13 2012
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: Unlike other packaging titles, which simply provide templates to copy, this book enables designers of all packaging types to create 3-D packaging forms that are specific to their needs rather than based on an existing design. Structural Packaging gives the reader an understanding of the underlying principles of packaging construction and the technical knowledge and confidence to develop a greater number of their own unusual and innovative designs.

aTitle: Designs for small spaces
Author: Hudson, Jennifer
Call No. : NK1510 .H885 2010
Location: Architecture Library
Topic: Design
Summary: Small space living is no longer a lifestyle choice but a necessity in most cities where property is expensive and space is at a premium. 'Designs for Small Spaces' brings together over 500 cleverly designed products that provide stylish and functional ways to make the most of a living environment with a limited footprint.

aTitle: Sustainable site design : criteria, process, and case studies for integrating site and region in landscape design
Author: Dinep, Claudia, 1968-
Call No. : SB472.45 .D583 2010
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: Sustainable Site Design introduces the core concepts of sustainability as applied to landscape architecture. Focusing on site-scale design, this book provides a regional framework for integrating sustainable practices throughout the design process. Passive houses : energy efficient homes
Author: Uffelen, Chris van
Call No. : NA7117.3 .P288 2012
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: The new generation of ecological architecture building owners today are increasingly confronted with the question of energy efficiency. Depending on the climatic zone, passive houses require very different technologies, interventions and steps to be taken by the architects. This volume portrays 60 single family passive houses. Sustainability in interior design
Author: Moxon, Sian
Call No. : NK2113 .M937 2012
Location: Architecture Library
Summary: The environmental impact of interior architecture and design practice is immense. This book highlights the need for designers to adapt the way they work and relearn lessons that have been lost.

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