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The Truth about Turnitin

When students are asked to do their essays, research papers, or thesis, they always hear their teachers emphasizing about plagiarism. Some teachers would even ask their students to sign a paper that states that their works are of their own and not copied from someone else’s. Some institution stresses on the consequences of committing plagiarism, like suspension or at worse case, expulsion. With this, some teachers have Turnitin to check possible plagiarism in their students’ papers. This tool aids them to know if their students properly cited their references in their paper.

One of the recent additions to the databases, tools and services of the library for its users is the Turnitin. We are among the 13 academic institutions here in the Philippines, including University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University Taft, that have trusted and subscribed into this anti-plagiarism tool. The institute is among the schools and academic institutions that believed in safeguarding the student’s academic integrity. Turnitin, a product of iParadigms, is a leading academic plagiarism detector for students and teachers. It is an online plagiarism detector, grammar check, and a grading tool in one. Turnitin serves over 1 million active instructors and 20 million licensed students worldwide, including the top 100 colleges and universities in the USA. It is available remotely, 24/7 so long as there is an internet access.

How does Turnitin does its’ job? It simply runs your paper against its database of papers, articles, and books. It then highlights sentences or paragraphs that may have similarity from their databases. If a paper is run through Turnitin, the paper became a colored one if it shows signs of similarities, colored highlights ranges from blue – 0% similarity, green – 1 to 24%, yellow – 25 to 49%, orange – 50 to 74%, and red – 75 to 100%. Now, if the student properly cites their sources or references, similarity result can be reduced. Meaning, your paper may be freed from being tagged as plagiarized work. So Turnitin is an instrument for the faculty to further educate their students about copyright and plagiarism.

Students need not have to say that their teachers do not trust their works when they run their papers in Turnitin. Students should know that the library along with their teachers, are into their academic integrity. Turnitin is a bridge for the students and teachers in introducing research techniques, identifying and working with student problems on research, and sharing information about plagiarism. It shall gear up students on doing research work here and in the future.

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