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Mapúa Library welcomes frosh!

College is more different from high school, and college here in Mapúa is definitely different from any other school or university here in the Philippines. Here are some tips on how to survive the first day of college:

  • You get to start with, of course, frosh orientations and you may tour around the campus. It is necessary for you to attend such activities to be familiar with the environment you are in.
  • It is a matter of time before you can get used to the environment and the people around Mapúa. Your last school was a different experience, and you are now entering a whole new one. You may be tempted to join organizations but you have 3 more quarters to do that. Limit yourself to a few that really make you happy.
  • Since it is the first day, the only friends you have are your blockmates. Try to bond with them and get to know them for you will be with them for a whole term. Make friends with them so you can swap notes.
  • Don’t get intimidated by the knowledge your professor has. Have the confidence that you can be of level with how your professor thinks.
  • Approach class like you should approach life: no matter how boring or stressful it is, find some fun in learning something new.
  • Get to know the LIBRARY. The library provides the perfect environment for studying. But our libraries go far beyond the usual books and journals,we offer a wide array of information resources rich in various formats. We have 50,000 titles of print materials and 20,000 plus titles of electronic materials to choose from.

For more information, please visit the library, and get to know our friendly librarians and library staff who are more than willing to help you adjust and succeed in your college life.

See you!

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