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Title: Design portfolios
Author: Bender, Diane M.
Copyright: 2012
Call Number: NA1996 .B458 2012
Location: Architecture Library

“ Design Portfolios enables students to create both traditional and digital portfolios. The book addresses how to best create and maintain both types of portfolio and compelling present them during interviews, and guides students through every step of the interview and presentation process.”

Title: Folding techniques for designers : from sheet to form
Author: Jackson, Paul
Copyright: 2011
Call Number: Z261 .J13 2011
Location: Architecture Library

“ This unique, practical handbook explains the key techniques of folding, such as pleated surfaces, curved folding, and crumpling. It covers more than 70 techniques explained by clear step-by-step drawings, crease pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography.”

Title: The dark ages
Director: Cassell, Chris
Copyright: 2006
Call Number: VR D117. C344 2006
Location: Multimedia Section

“Between the Fall of Rome and the dawn of the Renaissance, Europe plunged into a dark night of constant war, splintered sovereignties, marauding pagans, and more. As chaos replaced culture, Europe was beset by famine, plague, persecutions, and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace.

Title: Engineering the impossible
Director: Akdogan, Melissa
Copyright: 2007
Call Number: VR TA15 .A313 2007
Location: Multimedia Section

“Unearths the stories behind three of the world's greatest engineering marvels - the Colosseum, Chartres Cathedral, and the Great Pyramid of Giza.”
Title: The money culture
Author: Lewis, Michael
Copyright: 2011
Call Number: HG4621 .L675 2011
Location: General Circulation

“With Lewis's puckish humor and inimitable writing style, the stories are entertaining and thought-provoking.” –Library Journal

“The funniest and most trenchant commentator on the money-mad moguls reshaping our world today.”-USA Today
Title: Modernpower system analysis
Author: D.P. Kothari, I.J. Nagrath.
Copyright: 2011
Call Number: TK1005 .K87 2011
Location: General Circulation

Power Systems Analysis is a compulsory course taken generally in the sixth semester by an undergraduate student of EEE / EE. This book has been designed to provide an in-depth study of the Power Systems Analysis and Stability course which will not only be useful for an undergraduate course but is also updated to be helpful for a related Post Graduate course. In the 4e, the text has been updated to include recent trends to help the reader develop a holistic perception of the power sector.”
Title: Ratha's creature : the first book named
Author: Bell, Clare
Copyright: 2007
Call Number: Fic .B433r 2007
Location: General Circulation

“At once a wonderful fantasy and an intricate allegory… The great wildcats, a mixture of human intelligence and animal instinct, lend the story a visceral power that is impossible to ignore… A remarkable book” – BookTalk

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