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We are pleased to announce that this coming November 21-22, the Mapua Library will sponsor games as part of the 78th National Book Week celebration.

These are the following :

Library Henyo
Minute to Win It

This activity is open to Mapua Students, Intramuros campus only. Students who are currently enrolled and are registered library users are qualified to join.


How to join:

  1. Visit the main Library and look for Ms. Wheng Merino to register.
  2. The first 5 pairs to register are automatically the players.

Game Mechanics

  1. Teams must have 2 players: Player One will guess the secret word/phrase and Player Two will respond to the Guesser by answering Oo, Hindi or Pwede.
  2. The secret word will be posted at the top of the head of Player One.
  3. The team will be given 2 minutes to guess the word/phrase.
  4. No body language, no audience coaching. The team will be disqualified for this.
  5. If “ Player Two” answers with words other than Oo, Hindi or Pwede, 5 seconds penalty shall be given to the team. It would be added to their end time. The computed end time would be the final result of their end time.
  6. The team who reaches the maximum allowable time and did not guess the mystery word/phrase will be automatically eliminated.
  7. The clock stops when Player One answers the secret word correctly.
  8. The team with the shortest time of guessing will be the winners . Winners will receive a cash price of Php 1,500 pair or 750 each and a certificate.
  9. Tie Breaker: for the teams who have the same end time, they will be guessing another word. The team with the shortest time of guessing will be declared the winner.

Minute to Win It

How to join:

  1. Visit the main Library and look for Ms. Wheng Merino to register.
  2. The first 5 contestants to register are automatically the players.

Level 1 'Minute To Win It' Stackable Cups


  1. Set up the stack of cups so that there is 1 red cup with 39 white cups stacked on top of it.
  2. When the clock starts, player may grab a single cup from the top of the stack and place it on the bottom of the stack.
  3. Player must use 1 hand to grab each cup, and must alternate hands with each cup.
  4. If more than 1 cup is removed at a time, player must place all cups that are outside of the stack back on top of the stack before continuing.
  5. Player must play the game from a standing position.
  6. To complete the game, the red cup must be placed on the bottom after travelling through the stack, and the stack must be held in 1 hand at the red cup within the 60-second time limit.


  1. 39 white cups
  2. 1 red one

Level 2 'Minute To Win It' Baby Blockin' Game

The Minute to Win It game Baby Blockin' is fairly straight-forward: balance blocks on top of your head. Once you try it, however, you'll realize just how tricky it can be. Practice using a steady hand and try not to rush. You'll have a strong desire to hurry because of the timer, but going slowly is actually better for your balance.

Balance four standard-sized baby blocks (the old-fashioned ones made of wood, with letters of the alphabet painted on them) on a plastic plate, resting on the top of your head. Complete this task in a minute or less.

Equipment Needed

To play Baby Blockin' you will need:

  1. Three standard baby blocks
  2. One plastic (disposable) plate

How To Play

Set the playing area up with a small table holding the plastic plate and the three baby blocks. The player stands beside the table with her hands at her sides. When the one-minute timer begins, the player first must balance the plate on her head. Once the plate is in position, it may not be adjusted further at any point during the game.

When the plate is balanced, the player can then begin stacking the blocks. The baby blocks must be stacked one on top of the other to create a tower. The game is won when all three baby blocks are stacked on the plate, and balanced without being touched for three consecutive seconds. All of this must be completed within one minute.

The Rules

The rules for Baby Blockin' are pretty simple:

  1. You may not move the plastic plate once it's been balanced on top of your head
  2. If the plate and/or blocks fall, you may gather them up again and start over. The timer continues to run, however, and if you run out of time the game is over.

Level 3 'Minute to Win It' By a Thread Game


Threading a needle can be difficult even with both hands and all the time in the world. This game is a true test of patience and a steady hand.

The Goal

Thread ten needles with consecutively smaller eyes, using only one hand, in one minute or less.

Equipment Needed

  1. Standard sewing thread
  2. Ten sewing needles, each with different sized eyes
  3. Foam or other material to secure the needles in a row

How To Play

  1. Place the needles in a row in the foam, starting with the largest on the left, and running from largest to smallest.
  2. Take the thread in one hand.
  3. When the timer begins, start threading the needles with one hand, one at a time, until all ten have been threaded.

The Rules

  1. You may not prepare the thread in any way before the timer begins.
  2. Once the game is underway, you may use your mouth to wet the thread.
  3. The entire diameter of the thread must be through all ten needles in order to complete the game.


  1. The game will run for three days.
  2. Students have an option to select what type of question they want to answer, either easy or hard.
    • easy - for minor prizes
    • hard - for major prizes
  3. Students can only join once.
  4. Students are required to answer the question in 30 seconds.
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