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Mapua Library Infographic

The best way to spend your vacant hours is to stay in the library. Why? Check this out... [more]

Free trial for VEA Teaching Resources Online

VEA Teaching Resources Online is one of the world's leading educational producers of online resources with over 2000 titles across a range of subjects... [more]

Mapúa Library Welcomes Batch 2014

For the next few years, Mapúa Library will be one of your major partners in your effort to excel in your academic pursuits. It offers a rich array of information resources in various formats (books, journals, theses, electronic resources, videos, etc.) which will help you succeed in your college life. ... [more]

Diskette Donation Drive

DONATE your old diskettes to Mapua Library and we'll turn them into something REUSABLE... [more]

Mapúa Library Advisory

Please be informed that Mapúa Library will not entertain off-campus researchers starting today until July 12, 2014 due to inventory and housekeeping. ... [more]

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