How much is the cost of printing?

Black Text – PHP 4.00
Black Graphics – PHP 6.00
Colored Text – PHP 6.00
Colored Graphics – PHP 15.00

How many times can I renew my books?

All patrons are allowed to renew borrowed books up to two (2) times, each renewal is for one (1) week period each.

Can I renew borrowed books in the library? How?

There are two (2) ways to do this:

  • Proceed to the Unit where you borrowed the material, then ask assistance from the library personnel on the Circulation Desk; or
  • Log-in to http://ls.mapua.edu.ph:8080, check your Account Status, put a tick (√) mark on the provided box, and then click the Renew option. The online facility will automatically record on our system of your recent transaction.

What is the library account indicated in the Library OPAC?

The library account on the OPAC is the individual patron account in the Library, this is where to log-in for book reservations, book renewal, and checking of existing account status.

How much is the charge for book overdue?

The library charges Php10.00 per day for every overdue book (General Circulation, Filipininana, Fiction, Graduate Studies, Architecture) and Php 20.00 per day for Reserve Books and Php 10.00 per hour for Reference materials.

I tried to renew my books online, but I was not able to do so. What should I do?

Online renewal is not allowed on the following circumstances:

  • When another patron placed a hold/request for the book.
  • When the book is already overdue.
  • When the book is under the Circulation Reserved collection.
  • When the patron has reached the maximum number of book renewals.

Can I place a reservation on a library book? How do I do that?

Yes, you may reserve a book from the library unit to where the book is stored or located, or you may log-in through your library account at http://ls.mapua.edu.ph:8080. After logging in, search for the book title and then select the Request Hold or Place Hold option. Lastly, pick up the book/s you reserved from its library location.

Can Mapúa Library entertain outside/external researchers any day of the week and any time of the day?

The Mapua Library entertains outside researchers during Mondays and Thursdays only, from 8:00AM -5:00 PM, except only during our final exams and term breaks.

What are the requirements needed for outside researchers so that they can visit and do research at Mapúa Library?

They have to bring a referral letter which they can request from their librarian and a fee of PHP 50.00 per person.

How much is the charge for overdue non print materials?

A fine of PHP 50.00 per material is charged to the delinquent borrower.

How do I inquire about a specific title of the book?

Titles can be searched via our Online Catalog: http://ls.mapua.edu.ph/

How can we access the eBooks and eJournals subscribed/acquired by the library?

All of our eResources can be accessed through our library web page.

Can we use our USB at the Multimedia and Internet section?

For network security reasons we do not allow the use of external hard drives to avoid contacting viruses.

What are we going to do if we want to visit other libraries for research?

Students who would like to visit other libraries have to request for a referral letter from the Reference Section. A fee of ten pesos (Php10.00) will be charged per letter and a maximum of three (3) researchers are allowed per letter.

What will I do if I lost the book I borrowed?

Lost books should be reported to the library ASAP and should be replaced with the same book or with the latest edition/ copyright date.

How many books can be borrowed at the Filipiniana Section?

A maximum of three (3) books can be borrowed at one time for one week.

Can alumni borrow books?

Yes. They will be issued a library card which costs seventy-five pesos (Php75.00) that can be used for one term. However, their privilege is limited to “library use only”.

What are the print journals/magazines that the Architecture Library has?

As of now, there are 5 titles of journals/magazines the Architecture Library has such us Architectural Record, Interior Design, BluPrint, Journal of Architectural and Planning Research, and Espasyo.

What newspapers can we find in the Periodical Section?

The library subscribes to Press reader, which is a digital newspaper and magazine library. It provides full page replicas of the current print editions of major newspapers and popular magazines from around the world.

What is the Importance of the Scientific Journals? What journals are available in the Periodical Section?

Scientific journals are usually considered the most important primary sources of information. A scholarly scientific journal contains a collection of articles, usually published on a regular schedule, written by scholars reporting the results of experimental investigations. The intended audience for scholarly journal articles is other experts in the field. Articles conform to a specific structure, dictated by the discipline and the particular journal, and may include article title, author(s), author affiliation, introduction, method, results, analysis, discussion, and a bibliography of literature cited. They may also include data tables, graphs, charts, detailed drawings, and photographs. Research articles submitted to scholarly journals for publication undergo an evaluative process known as peer review. Some of the journals available in the Periodical Section are: Journal of Mechanical Design, Journal of Applied Science, HVAC & R Research, Journal of Energy Resources Technology, etc.

Can I access our online resources remotely?

Remote access is only available to currently enrolled students and to those who are in residency status. If there are still issues with access in spite of having met the conditions mentioned, contact us through [email protected].
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