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About PressReader
PressReader is a digital newspaper and magazine library that provides full-page replicas of the current print editions. Readers can enjoy an endless stream of major newspapers and popular magazines from around the world.

Publications are available in over 60 languages and can be translated into a language that the reader prefers. Users can also access 90 days of back issues depending on the publication.

PressReader connects you to the world’s best newspapers and magazines. Visit PressReader now to start reading.

PressReader also works on your mobile phone. The mobile app allows you to read your favorite publication in a format designed for your phone or tablet. Free downloads with the PressReader app only work within the Mapúa, MHSS, and MCL Libraries’ free Wi-Fi network.

Download the app on your device. PressReader is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

User Guides:
PressReader also provides video guides for an amazing user experience.

Visit PressReader’s official YouTube Channel for more information.

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