Chemical Engineering

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Finding Articles

Scopus (General science, technology, medicine)
NTIS (Unclassified reports from U.S. and international government agencies)
PubMed (Medicine, healthcare, life sciences)

Electronic Journals (as of March 2018)

ACS Style Guide (A good resource how to communicate scientific information. Also includes examples how to cite in ACS style)


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Finding Books

TLC, the Libraries' catalog:TLC


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Open Accesss

EcoSal Online - EcoSal Plus
Food Chemical Codex
HathiTrust Digital Library
National Academies Press (Reports issued by National Academies)
     Engineering & Technology
NCBI Bookshelf
     Chemical Engineering
OpenStax CNX
Elsevier Open Access
OMICS Open Access
Open Access Journals Search Engine
Oxford Open
Philippine Journals Online
SADHANA Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences
Science Links Japan
Taylor and Francis Online Open Access
Directory of Open Access Journals
Hindawi Publishing
     Chemical Engineering

Selected chemistry handbooks & encyclopedias

ACS Directory of Graduate Research
Characterization of Materials
Comprehensive Materials Processing (Provides authoritative analysis of all processes, technologies, and techniques for converting industrial materials from a raw state into finished parts or products. 13 volumes)
Corrosion Handbook (online and print)
EcoSal Online - EcoSal Plus
Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (2nd edition)
Encyclopedia of Controlled Drug Delivery
Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions
Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry
Encyclopedia of Hydrological Sciences
Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance
Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology
Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Analysis and Assessment

Food Chemical Codex
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (CRC) (guide and print)
Merck Index (Authoritative source of information on chemicals, drugs, and biologicals) print and online guide; database
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook (8th edition)
Polymer Handbook (print and online)
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry
US Pharmacopeia (Full text papers and proceedings); supplement
ACS Division Proceedings Online
ACS Symposium Series
ASME Digital Library (eJournals)
IEEE Xplore

MRS Online Proceedings Library

Open Access Article
Open Access Content
Free Content

OnePetro Library - Society of Petroleum Engineers eLibrary [SPE]
Royal Society of Chemistry Ebooks [RSC] (Older chemistry books and other materials)
     Free Content
HathiTrust Digital Library

Finding Chemical & Materials Properties

Properties Data

Try also our extensive guide of Properties of Materials and Chemicals
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (CRC) (guide; print)
Cambridge Structural Database
Knovel - Data Search
SpringerMaterials - the Landolt-Bornstein database (guide;
Properties of Materials and Chemicals
     -Chemical & Physical Properties
     -Crystallography & Phase Diagrams
     -Optical & Thermodynamic Properties
     -Spectra Resources
Protocols & Methods Collections
     Current protocols. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley.
     Springer Protocols
Biological Data & Atlases

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