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Introducing Mapua Library One Search

Provide library patrons with fast access to all library resources with its single search interface.

To access, visit ​

Or via the Library Website ​​.

What’s in the Main Page of Mapua Library One Search?

Page navigation tabs on the top provides links to the different sites of the Library.

To do ​Simple Search​ , patrons may have the option to limit the search to either Library Holdings or Online Resources only

To limit results for specific material type, language or publication date, patrons may opt for the ​Advanced Search​.

It also provides access to your ​​My Library Account​ to reserve a library item, do an item renewal, or view borrowing history.

How to Access My Library Account

Type in in your browser

Tap My Library Account

Enter your Mapua-issued ID number and its last 4 digits as your PIN

Let’s take a peek of what’s inside My Library Account

  • Account Summary - display information such as your name, ID number, email address, account status and the validity of your account

  • Edit Account - allows the users to update borrower information such as contact details

  • Edit PIN - users can change their password to access the system

  • Current Loans - display your current check-out(s) which include the title of the item(s) and the due date. The user can also perform item renewal through the Renew button.

  • Loan history - display your previous loans

  • Holds - display your current pending holds. You can also track the status of your holds if it has already arrived. The user can cancel and/or suspend items listed in Holds tab

  • Fees - display your unsettled overdue fees, if there is any.

  • Saved searches - display a list of saved searches for easy retrieval of your previous search results

  • Quick View box - display quick info (by count) of your current loans, items overdue, arrived and pending holds and unsettled overdue fees

  • Print - allows users to print current Borrower Information, Items Borrowed, Holds and Saved Searches

Search Results: An Overview of the Results List at Mapua Library One Search

After performing the Basic or Advanced Search, a number of results found for your search will appear in the Results list page:

Displayed search results will be sorted based on the system’s default preference values.

Using the previous example from our Advanced Searching video guide, let’s do a walk-through of the Result List features and other options you can do to tweak your search results.

Tweak My Results

This feature allows users to set filters or to further limit their searches on the initial search results.

Filters include:

  • Availability;
  • Resource Type;
  • Library;
  • Subject;
  • Author/Creator;
  • Copyright Year;
  • Database Collection;
  • Language; and
  • Journal Title.

Users have the option to use one or a combination of filters. Use of more than 1 filters usually results to specific reference sources.


Available resources by type of materials are displayed under this filter option.


  • Peer-reviewed Journals – resources from peer-reviewed journals available online
  • Full-text online – resources from the ebook collections and journal subscriptions of the library
  • Available in the library – all resources from the home library, including books, theses, and multimedia resources
  • Open Access - materials from open-source publications

Resource Type

It is the material format of resources appearing in the search results:


  • Conference Proceedings;
  • Articles;
  • Text Resources;
  • Dissertations.

Other filters:

  • Library
    Users can select items available in their campuses. In this case, Intramuros or Makati. By selecting a particular library (campus), results that will be displayed reflects the items from the said library (campus) only.

  • Subject
    Subject areas of all materials from the initial search results are displayed. Users can further filter the results by selecting 1 or more subjects.

  • Author, Copyright Year, Database Collection, Language, and Journal Title
    Result varies as you filter or refine your search based on the supplied titles/names/year of the initial search.

Action Buttons

These are the icons located at the upper right part of every item in the results list which, provide users with various options.

These are:

  •       – generates citation of the selected item/s from the search results. Available citation styles are: MLA (7th and 8th ed), APA (6th ed), Chicago/Turabia (16th ed), and Harvard 1. By selecting the citation styles, a system-generated citation of the item is displayed and can be copied.

  •    – allow the users to send item information from the search results to their email

  •    – by selecting the push pin icon lets you add the selected item to your favorites, similar to a saved list.

  •       - the ellipsis icon leads the users to other options like, exporting and generating citations, print function and identifying permalink

Viewing Item Information

When a user clicks on the title of an item from the Results list, it will lead them to a page where the bibliographic information of the item is displayed.

Other Options

These are links placed at the left side of the view item page, where users can:

Sent To - an option that allow users to export Item Details to RefWorks, EndNote, and generate Citations.

View Online - redirects users to the source database (if the item is from an online database)

Links - redirects users to the Classic OPAC or another source database. It could also be:

  • Table of Contents (from Amazon);
  • This item from WorldCat
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