Research Output & Scholarly Works



Research Paper (Local)

  1. Alonzo, A.A. (2012). Comparative analysis of web discovery search engine.
  2. Alonzo, A.A. (2012). Benchmarking study on the salary standardization of academic libraries.
  3. Alonzo, A.A. (2008). Best practices of libraries and information centers.
  4. Alonzo, A.A. (2004). Needs analysis and assessment of Mapua library.
  5. Alonzo, A.A. (2002). Comparative analysis of computerized libraries.
  6. Alonzo, A.A. (2001). Preservation and conservation of non-print materials.
  7. Alonzo, A.A. (2001). An assessment of the services of Mapua Tech. library: basis for a proposed automation.


International Publication (Peer-Reviewed, ISI Abstracted)

  1. Cabanilla, Gianina, Ayse Kok, and Hyunkyung Lee. Cultural, Behavioral, and Social Considerations in Electronic Collaboration. IGI Global, 2016.
  2. Cabanilla, G.A.C Targeting Disadvantaged Women - Advancing Women's Empowerment through Library Entrepreneurship Workshops. IFLA Journal, 2014

International Publication (Peer-Reviewed, Non-ISI Abstracted)

  1. Cabanilla, G.A.C. 2012. Towards Designing a Library Research Instruction Program for English 10 (College English) at UP Diliman. Journal of Philippine Librarianship 32 (12): 13-38.
  2. Cabanilla, G.A.C. January 2013. An Exploration of the Benefits of an Indigenous Community Learning Center’s School Mini-library. SLW, IASL 19 (1): 37-52.
  3. Cabanilla, G.A.C. January 2014. Building Successful Information Literacy Infrastructure in Promoting Student Engagement in Learning: UPD Academic Library and Undergraduate Students. JMER 3 (12).

Paper Presentation (International)

  1. Cabanilla, G.A.C. “Targeting Disadvantaged Women – Advancing Women’s Empowerment through Library Entrepreneurship Workshops”, Social Science Libraries Section with Women & Information and Libraries Special Interest Group. Theme: Librarians as change agents: finding, using and managing data for social change; IFLA Lyons, France. August 2014.
  2. Cabanilla, G.A.C. “Building Successful Information Literacy Infrastructure in Promoting Student Engagement in Learning: A Grounded Theory Information Analysis Model”, 5th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference - QQML 2013; Rome, Italy. June 2013.
  3. Cabanilla, G.A.C. 14th international ILIAS conference in Dortmund, May 2015.
  4. Cabanilla, G.A.C. 11th International Conference on Books and Publishing, Universitat Regensburg Universitat Bibliothek, Regensburg, Germany, September 2013.
  5. Cabanilla, G.A.C. 26th International Conference on the First Year Experience, Waikoloa, Hawaii, June 2013.

Paper Presentation (Local)

  1. Cabanilla, G.A.C. LIS Congress. Rizal Library Ateneo de Manila University. Making Sense of eBooks, Libraries and the Digital Divide. February 2015.
  2. Cabanilla, G.A.C. FUSION 2014 – A Strategic Approach to Edutainment; Manila, Philippines. PAREF Southridge International School. October 2014.
  3. Cabanilla, G.A.C. ICTED 2014. University of the Philippines Diliman College of Education international conference on teacher education – diversity in education, perspectives, challenges, collaborative actions, University of the Philippines Diliman – The Scholarship of Engagement and Generative Learning Communities: Preparing EFL leaders for Authentic Practice at the American Spaces Philippines; Manila, Philippines. August 2014.
  4. Cabanilla, G.A.C. ICODEL 2014. UPOU’s 2nd international conference on open and distance e-learning – universities in an era of open education, University of the Philippines Open University, June 2014.
  5. Social Presence Theory and Implications for Interactive Collaborative Learning in a Massive Open Online Course at the American Spaces Philippines. June 2014.
  6. Cabanilla, G.A.C. Colloquium on Student’s awareness in the use of electronic resources and web sources, PAREF Woodrose School, Inc. January & February 2013.
  7. Cabanilla, G.A.C. 21st century American spaces international colloquium on innovation, learning and entrepreneurship, Manila Philippines, May 2014
  8. Cabanilla, G.A.C. UP SLIS lecture series’ student research outputs, October 2012.
  9. Cabanilla, G.A.C. Robert B. and Metta J. Silliman library’s information literacy colloquium, Silliman University, Dumaguete, September 2013.
  10. Cabanilla, G.A.C. Colloquium on information literacy at the University Library American corner of Central Philippine University, Iloilo, November 2013.
  11. Cabanilla, G.A.C. Bernand Bonk library’s information literacy colloquium, University of San Carlos, Cebu, September 2013.
  12. Cabanilla, G.A.C. ADMU’s 5th Rizal library international conference on libraries, archives, and museums’ common challenges and unique approaches, October 2012.
  13. Cabanilla, G.A.C. University of the Philippines Diliman University library’s staff training and development program on electronic resources management for librarians and staff, July 2014.
  14. Cabanilla, G.A.C. Southville international school and colleges’ national conference series on changing libraries and info-edutainment, October 2014
  15. Cabanilla, G.A.C. UPLISSA’s LIS congress 2015 – libraries reconnect from shelf to web, February 2015.
  16. Cabanilla, G.A.C. UPLISSA’s LIS congress 2014 – maximize yourself and your library, January 2014.
  17. Cabanilla, G.A.C. 4th National research conference on global social issues, science and technology and environment – bridging through research, Aklan state university, December 2009.


Research Paper (Local)

  1. Soria, K.A. (2014). Ergonomic Considerations in Libraries: A Study of the Librarian’s work Place in Intramuros Library Consortium (Unpublished master’s thesis). University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
  2. Soria, K.A. (2012). China: Sleeping or Seeping Giant. University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.


Research Paper (Local)

  1. Vejerano, J.B. (2015) A case study on the use of web 2.0 applications in the library of Mapua Institute of Technology
  2. Vejerano, J.B. (2014) A survey of Mapua topnotchers in the different licensure examinations: an archival research
  3. Vejerano, J.B. (2014) A report on the evaluation of LIS careers in selected ASEAN countries
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