Popular Magazines and Trade Publications

Popular Magazines

Popular magazines, like those that you will find in most grocery-store checkouts and on newsstands, contain content that is sometimes written by experts, but more often by staff writers that are sometimes even anonymous. Articles and advertisements are generally non-technical, eye-catching, and intended for the general public. These types of publications may be used to augment your academic work, but don't rely solely on them. 

Where to find popular magazines online:

Trade Publications

Trade publications include reports, newsletters, and magazines pertaining to a specific industry or trade. These publications typically feature advertisements, career information, and industry-specific news, and are generally used for marketing. Information from trade publications is useful for supplying facts, data, specifications, and other technical information for your academic work.

Where to find trade publications online:

  • Organizational websites. Many professional and commercial organizations link to trade publications on their websites.
  • Glumac "Green" engineering publications that provide free subscriptions.
  • Heidelberg Online print media trade publications.
  • Tradepub.com Free trade magazine subscriptions and technical document downloads.
  • WTO publications World Trade Organization publications in the field of economics.
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