Pop Quiz Challenge for Junior and Senior High school


  1. Open to all Filipino junior and senior high school students.
  2. Players must download the Popquiz App via Google Play (Android users and Appstore (Iphone users
  3. Sign-up and register. Players are advised to register again after finishing one round of the challenge.
  4. Players should allow app notifications for game alerts.
  5. Popquiz will run five (5) rounds for each bracket (Junior High School and Senior High School) consisting of 6 days per round.
  6. Ten (10) questions from different categories will appear randomly from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM per game day.
  7. A bonus question might appear anytime of the day. Each correct answer for bonus question is equivalent to 1 point.
  8. Each game consists of three (3) levels of difficulty:
    Easy = 2 pts per correct answer
    Average = 4 pts per correct answer
    Difficult = 6 pts per correct answer
  9. Players must answer as many questions as possible to gain points.
  10. They will be ranked according to the number of points garnered and will be displayed in the app after each round.
  11. The top players of each season will be announced in the app and official Mapúa social media pages. Mapúa representatives will contact each winner for further instructions.
  12. Top players will receive special prizes to be claimed at Mapúa Intramuros Campus and will automatically qualify for the final game in January at Mapúa during the Foundation Week.


  1. In case of tie between the top players, the game moderators will check the time consumed by the top players in answering the last question. The fastest player to answer the last question correctly will be declared as the winner for the tiebreaker round.

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