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News & Events Mapúa Library enjoins readers to learn about Modern Filipino with its updated reference collection

In a time when communication is much easier and faster with modern technology, and with English being the primary language between different nationalities and cultures, one may ask how the Filipino language thrives amid global changes. ... [more]


Credo Reference provides nearly 4 million full-text entries in subjects from Art to Technology for your research, paper writing and studying needs... [more]

Mapua Library Infographic

The best way to spend your vacant hours is to stay in the library. Why? Check this out... [more]

Announcements August 2014 EnSE Licensure Exam topnotchers

Congratulations to the August 2014 Sanitary Engineer (EnSE) Licensure Examination topnotchers!... [more]

Basic Occupational Safety & Health Training Seminar

Please see details of BOSH seminar in this announcement... [more]

ATTENTION!!! To All Freshmen Students (2014)

ATTENTION!!! To All Freshmen Students (2014)... [more]