Policies & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  1. Any violation against the following rules and regulations will be punishable per Mapúa Library sanctions (Standard Practice Guide LIP 01-01):
    • Library users are not allowed to use ID or CM of other patrons to gain library entry.
    • Students are expected to maintain silence at all times in the library premises.
    • Eating (including chewing gum), drinking, sleeping, smoking, defacing library furniture, writing on the walls and tables, and other forms of misbehavior are prohibited.
    • Bags, USB FlashDisk & or external drives, blue prints, food, bottled water, case or parcel are not allowed to be brought into the library.
    • Illegal activities on the net using computer terminals in the library is strictly prohibited.(e.g games, viewing obscene materials, etc.)
    • A patron responsible for any disturbance resulting in damage to or destruction of library property is a major offense.
    • Vandalism (writing on books and other library facilities, defacing library furniture, mutilating or tearing off pages of a book and removing security tags), stealing and unauthorized use of any library material or property not intended for public use are major offenses and are therefore subjected to disciplinary measures.
    • Unauthorized access or use of computers and other library facilities not intended for public use is a major offense.
    • Courtesy to library personnel including the guards on duty and other patrons should always be maintained. Use of profane language will not be tolerated.
    • Electronic gadgets such as cell phones, alarms, iPods, MP3 should be switched off; in “silent mode” or tone done in the case of iPods and MP’s before entering the library. Making/answering calls should be done outside the library.
    • Courtesy to library personnel, other patrons and the guard on duty should always be maintained.
    • Reproduction of departmental exams, theses, case studies and feasibility studies are strictly prohibited.
    • Offenders refusing to provide identification or giving of false information will not be tolerated.
  2. Seats in the library may not be reserved.
  3. Library users should not leave any valuables at the baggage counter. The library will not be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings of clients. Library patrons should claim their bags at the baggage counter upon leaving the library premises.
  4. The library staff reserves the right to: 1) ask users to leave the library if they are inappropriately dressed or are causing disturbance and; b) remove any book, file, bag, food, or any other personal belongings left on the reading tables.
  5. The following are required to secure library clearance: a) Faculty members and non-teaching employees who apply for leave of absence, resignation or separation from the Institute; b) Students who apply for honorable dismissal; c) Graduating students.

Loan Policies

General Loan Policies

  1. Library patrons must present their valid ID [school ID/employee ID] when borrowing materials. Borrowing must be done in person. The borrower must see to it that all library materials in their possession have been properly checked out before leaving the library.
  2. Students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel of Mapua-Makati are allowed to utilize the resources of the Main Library (Intramuros), and vice versa for room use and photocopying purposes only.
  3. Library patrons are held responsible for all materials charged to their names via the library automated system and date due slips.
  4. Fines are charged on overdue materials. Fines must be paid before the next quarterm.
  5. The borrowers must ensure that items checked out to him them returned on or before the date due. Notices sent by the Library serve only as a reminder and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve anybody from paying fines or other penalties. All materials must be returned immediately when recalled.
  6. Library users are not allowed to use IDs of other patrons to borrow materials or gain access to other library services. Borrowers may not “sub-lend” books and other library materials.
  7. Borrowers will be held responsible for any mutilation [including defacement] found in library materials when returned. They must check and report any mutilation found before borrowing.
  8. Library materials are considered to be on loan to patrons until the materials are properly checked in. Make sure that your loan has been cancelled before leaving the counter .Keep the borrower’s slip for clearance purposes.
  9. Library users must report the loss of a material to the concerned Section staff. Fine will be charged according to the rates of fines, from the date due to the date when the material is reported lost, or if found, till the date the material is returned.
  10. Borrowers who lost a material are liable to replace the material with the current edition/issue or copy.
  11. External patrons [alumni & other outside researchers] are not allowed to take home materials. All materials that they need are for library use only.
  12. Students who are not enrolled but needs to use the library for completion, should present a letter of request to use the library resources noted by their adviser.
  13. Patrons’ library privileges will be suspended if overdue materials are not returned on time.
  14. Borrowers are only allowed to renew for two (2) consecutive times if the material is notin demand.

Specific Loan Policies

Fiction Books

  • Two weeks loan period
  • A maximum of three (3) books may be borrowed at a time.
  • Overdue fine: PhP10.00 a day/book (including Sunday)

Graduate School Books

  • One week loan period (for graduate/double degree students only))
  • Room use and photocopying purposes (for undergrad students))
  • A maximum of three (3) books may be borrowed at a time.)
  • Overdue fine: PhP10.00 a day/book (including Sunday)

Filipiniana, AR-ID and Circulation Books

  • One week loan period.
  • A maximum of three (3) books may be borrowed at a time.
  • Overdue fine: PhP10.00 a day/book (including Sunday)

Reserve Books

  • One (1) reserve book may be borrowed for overnight use, but must be returned not later than 10:00 AM the next school day.
  • Overdue fine: 20.00 a book/day (including Sunday)

General Reference Collection (e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, manuals, handbooks etc.)

  • For library use only.
  • Photocopying of selected book pages will be handled by the reference section staff. Allowable period of time for photocopying is 30 min. only
  • Photocopied materials not returned on time will be charged with PHP 10.00/hr.

Periodicals (e.g. journals, magazines, etc.)

  • Current Periodicals: Library users can photocopy articles and contents within the publication but, home use of said material is not allowed.
  • Bound Periodicals: Can be borrowed for two (2) day check-out loan period. Borrowed items can be renewed twice. Online renewal is likewise possible when you login to your library account http://ls.mapua.edu.ph:8080/#section=home

Non Print Materials (e.g. CD’s, VHS, etc.)

  • Two-day check out.
  • A maximum of three (3) materials may be borrowed at one time.
  • Overdue Fine: P50.00 a day/material (including Sunday)

Theses, Feasibility Studies, Archives & Departmental Exams

  • For library use only.
  • Any person who consults an academic exercise or research study must not quote from them without due acknowledgment.
  • Photocopying, taking digital snap shots of these materials are strictly prohibited.

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